PPI Herringbone Wing Pulley

PPI’s Herringbone Wing has been designed with angled wings to provide constant belt contact and effectively eject material that is dislodged from the belt.

This constant belt contact reduces vibration, which results in quieter operation and improved durability compared to a standard wing.

Features and Benefits

  • Wing angles of up to 45°
  • Provides unmatched expulsion of material and wing folding resistance
  • Multiple points of contact with wider gaps reduce material entrapment
  • Radius crown design reduces belt stress, yet maintains belt tracking capabilities
  • Center reinforcement ring adds even more wing strength
  • Available in two classes to better-match application requirements


Available in diameters of 12″ to 72″ and face widths of 12″ to 78″

Herringbone Wing (HBW)

  • 1″ cold drawn round contact bar on 12″ to 20″ diameter wings
  • 1-1/4″ cold drawn round contact bar on 24″ to 72″ diameter wings
  • 3/8″ wings

CEMA Herringbone Wing

  • 3/4″ cold drawn round contact bar
  • 1/4″ wings
Image of a PPI Grain Pulley