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Bowling Green Industrial Products Distributor

Founded in 1946
Serving Northern Ohio and Michigan


  • Hydraulic Hose Assembly and Repair
  • Industrial Hose Assembly and Repair, Crimped Hose up to 10″
  • Hydrostatic Hose Testing
  • Conveyor Belt Slit and Cut to Length
  • Conveyor Belt Mechanical Fastener Installation
  • Conveyor Belt Vulcanization
  • Sheet Rubber Fabrication
  • Snow Blow Blade Fabrication

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Industrial Products Available From Our Bowling Green Location

Bearings: Enhance machinery performance and find replacement bearings from a wide range of manufacturers, designed for smooth rotation and minimal friction, ensuring optimal operation in various industrial applications.

Electrical Power Transmission: Power your operations reliably with our range of electrical power transmission products, including medium and low-voltage electric motors, variable/adjustable speed drives, PLCs, breakers, push buttons, pilot lights, and other low-voltage controllers.

Hydraulics: Experience superior control and power with our hydraulic solutions, engineered for precision and reliability in fluid power applications across industries.

Industrial Hoses: Safeguard your processes with our high-quality industrial hoses, providing flexible and durable fluid transfer solutions for a wide range of applications across various industries.

Industrial Supplies: Streamline your procurement process with our comprehensive range of industrial supplies, offering everything you need to keep your operations running smoothly.

Linear Motion: Achieve precision and efficiency in motion control systems with our advanced linear motion products, engineered for smooth and accurate movement in industrial settings.

Mechanical Power Transmission: Ensure smooth and efficient power transfer with our mechanical power transmission products from leading manufacturers, designed for robust performance in demanding environments.

Pneumatics: Optimize automation and control systems with our pneumatic products, delivering reliable and efficient compressed air solutions for diverse industrial applications.

Seals and Accessories: Protect equipment and prevent leakage with our high-performance seals and accessories, engineered for superior sealing and durability in challenging environments.

Conveyor Belt and Components: Optimize efficiencies, maximize production, and control maintenance costs with conveyor belts and components, offering reliable material handling solutions for diverse industries.

Location Information

Binkelman Bowling Green
828 Van Camp Rd,
Bowling Green, OH 43402 map

T. 419.537.9333
1.800.862.4673 (toll-free)
F. 419.537.0041

Binkelman Conveyor Maintenance 1-833-418-9500

Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday from 7am-5pm
Emergency Service available after hours

Receiving Hours: Monday-Friday from 8am-5pm

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