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Piqua Industrial Products Distributor

Founded in 2014
Serving Western and Central Ohio


  • Hydraulic Hose Assembly and Repair
  • Industrial Hose Assembly and Repair, Crimped Hose up to 2″
  • Conveyor Belt Vulcanization
  • Sheet Rubber Fabrication

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Industrial Products Available From Our Piqua Location

Bearings: Enhance machinery performance and find replacement bearings from a wide range of manufacturers, designed for smooth rotation and minimal friction, ensuring optimal operation in various industrial applications.

Electrical Power Transmission: Power your operations reliably with our range of electrical power transmission products, including medium and low-voltage electric motors, variable/adjustable speed drives, PLCs, breakers, push buttons, pilot lights, and other low-voltage controllers.

Hydraulics: Experience superior control and power with our hydraulic solutions, engineered for precision and reliability in fluid power applications across industries.

Industrial Hoses: Safeguard your processes with our high-quality industrial hoses, providing flexible and durable fluid transfer solutions for a wide range of applications across various industries.

Industrial Supplies: Streamline your procurement process with our comprehensive range of industrial supplies, offering everything you need to keep your operations running smoothly.

Linear Motion: Achieve precision and efficiency in motion control systems with our advanced linear motion products, engineered for smooth and accurate movement in industrial settings.

Mechanical Power Transmission: Ensure smooth and efficient power transfer with our mechanical power transmission products from leading manufacturers, designed for robust performance in demanding environments.

Pneumatics: Optimize automation and control systems with our pneumatic products, delivering reliable and efficient compressed air solutions for diverse industrial applications.

Seals and Accessories: Protect equipment and prevent leakage with our high-performance seals and accessories, engineered for superior sealing and durability in challenging environments.

Conveyor Belt and Components: Optimize efficiencies, maximize production, and control maintenance costs with conveyor belts and components, offering reliable material handling solutions for diverse industries.

Location Information

Binkelman Piqua
8550 N County Road 25A,
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F. 937.773.8015

Binkelman Conveyor Maintenance 1-833-418-9500

Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday from 7am-5pm
Emergency Service available after hours

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