Hoses and hose assemblies are vital to the profitability of your business. Binkelman has the complete stock inventories from leading industrial hose and fitting manufacturers, as well as the advanced technology and expertise, to outfit your operation with the hoses and hose assemblies needed to get the job done.

We represent some of the world’s top hose and fitting manufacturers, including:

  • Continental ContiTech
  • Danfoss
  • Kuriyama
  • Campbell Fittings
  • Penflex Metal Hose
  • Dixon Fittings

We also offer a full range of hose, fitting and assembly services, including:

  • Crimping
  • Kitting
  • Custom branding
  • Testing
  • Custom hose assemblies
  • Tracking

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Industrial hose being used on a public street.


Binkelman is a one-stop-shop with a complete selection of industrial hose for whatever you need to move, including dry bulk material hoses, chemical handling hoses, air and water hoses, food product handling hoses and more.

  • Air & Water Hose
  • Material Handling Hose
  • Chemical Hose
  • Mining Hose
  • Dock & Barge Hose
  • Nitrogen Hose
  • Dry Bulk Material Hose
  • Oil Field Hose
  • Ducting Hose
  • Petroleum Hose
  • Fire & Mill Hose
  • Steam Hose
  • Food Handling Hose
  • Teflon Hose
  • Layflat Hose
  • Suction & Discharge Hose

We have more than $1,000,000 in industrial hose inventory, so we can tackle any hose requirement big or small with on-time and just-in-time delivery.

Pool Construction Worker Shooting Concrete, Shotcrete or Gunite Through Hose


Binkelman offers stock and custom hose assemblies to ensure your transfers take place seamlessly and safely.

Our hose assembly services include:

  • Crimping
  • Kitting
  • Banding
  • Testing
  • Tagging
  • High-volume assembly runs

For our metal hose products, we offer:

  • Expansion joints
  • Custom-welded assemblies

We work in various metals, and 90% of our hose assemblies ship same or next-day.

Large industrial hose expansion joint.


Custom Hose Fitting Application

The Binkelman team recently worked with an industrial chemical company to address a corporate-wide safety issue with their hose fittings.

The company needed a camlock hose fitting with quick attach and release capabilities. These types of fittings are easy enough to come by, however, this company needed fittings that could stand up to rigorous daily use and maintain seal integrity when exposed to aggressive fluids.

Their team evaluated several commonly used camlock fittings from other suppliers that met the material handling requirements, but none offered ease of use for the operators who connect and disconnect these hoses dozens of times daily.

Binkelman introduced them to Continental Contitech’s Insta-Lock Cam and Groove Fittings.


Continental ContiTech
Arvac SW Abrasive Material Hose

This heavy-duty abrasion-resistant suction hose is designed for a variety of abrasive material-handling applications, including the transfer of sand, gravel, cement, fly ash, glass, metals, plastic pellets, fertilizers, rock salts and slurries.


  • Static-dissipating thermoplastic cover
  • High-temperature tube
  • Rigid, high-density PVC helix reinforcement
Close-up of Arvac SW material handling hose

Continental ContiTech Gorilla Multipurpose Industrial Hose

Continental’s Gorilla® is a premium-quality, multipurpose industrial hose with a wide range of applications in factories, construction, agriculture, quarries, mines, railroads, the oil and gas industry and shipbuilding.

All sizes are crush-resistant and rated at 500 psi maximum working pressure. The premium Carbryn™ cover offers the most superior abrasion resistance of air and multipurpose hoses.


  • Yellow Carbryn™ synthetic rubber cover
  • Nitrile synthetic rubber tube
  • Spiral Flexten® braided synthetic yarn reinforcement
  • Non-conductive
Close-up of yellow Continental ContiTech hose.

Continental ContiTech
400 Push-On Hose

FLEXAGrip™ is designed for use in low-pressure hydraulic and pneumatic systems such as robotics, shop air, and automotive assembly applications. This is hose suited for use with push-on fittings at maximum working pressures of 400 PSI.


  • Carbryn™ synthetic rubber cover, available in MSHA approved color varieties
  • Chemivic™ oil and heat-resistant synthetic rubber tube
  • Non-conductive
  • Non-silicone materials
Continental Flexagrip hose in five different colors.

Continental ContiTech
Insta-Grip 300 Push-On Hose

Designed for use with push-on fittings at working pressures on 300 PSI, Insta-Grip™ is suited for low-pressure hydraulic and pneumatic systems such as shop air, general industrial, maintenance and automotive assembly applications.


  • Synthetic rubber cover, available in MSHA approved color varieties
  • Chemivic™ oil and heat-resistant synthetic rubber tube
  • Braided, high-strength synthetic yarn reinforcement
  • Non-conductive
  • Non-silicone materials
Close-up of a coil of blue Continental ContiTech Instagrip hose.

Penflex Metal Hose

Metal hoses delivers in situations where temperature, pressure, corrosiveness, and motion are problematic for other materials. Penflex Metal Hose products are used in a wide array of applications across a diverse set of markets, including:

Petroleum Industry

  • Catalytic cracking unit connections
  • Oil and gas burners
  • Water lines on gas engine cooling systems

Chemical Plants

  • Connections to weight scales
  • Loading and unloading tank trucks
  • Steam lines
  • Conveying corrosive media

Steel Mills

  • Cooling water hoses for furnaces
  • Oxygen lance hoses
  • High-temperature lubrication lines
  • Cooling power lines for electrical furnaces
Close-up of different penflex metal hoses.