Savings In The Long Run.

Once the part’s installed, the job is done, right? Well, not if you want the most from your part. At Binkelman we pride ourselves in taking ownership after the sale. Consequently, we not only work to make sure that each part lasts through its natural life, we strive to make it last even longer. The result is tremendous, long-term cost savings for all of our customers. To accomplish this, we’ve created a number of programs designed expressly to ensure the maximum length of each part.

Binkelman employee performing ongoing management.

Asset Management Programs

  • Motor Management Programs
  • VFD (Variable Frequency Drives) Preventative Maintenance Programs
  • HoseTrakker Services – ContiTech STAR Distributor

Preventative and Predictive Maintenance Programs

  • Authorized Warranty Center for Dodge and Toshiba
  • Commissioning and Troubleshooting on VFD

Conveyor System Services

  • New Belt Installation
  • Steel Cable and Fabric Belt Vulcanization
  • Scraper Installation & Maintenance
  • Complete Down Time Support
  • Pulley & Idler Installation
  • Chute Lining Installed & Maintained
  • Ultrasonic Cover Gauge Measurement
  • Fabrication of Elevator Belts

Conveyor System Consulting Services

  • Provide Splicing Tools and Equipment Appropriate For Your Application
  • Recommend, Designing and Building Belt Winding Equipment Specific to Your Needs
  • Fabricate Belt Stands to Keep Your Conveyor Belt Inventory in Good Condition
  • Evaluate Conveyor System Problem Conditions and Recommend Appropriate Solutions
  • Ultrasonic Cover Gauge Analysis to Identify Belt Cover Wear Patterns and Loading Condition Problems
  • Analyze Conveyor belt speed, HP requirements, & Tons per Hour Requirement to Make Belt recommendations.


Binkelman provides ongoing training programs that help you stay abreast of the latest innovations. And we continue to offer hands-on learning programs for product applications and maintenance operations.