Why choose Binkelman for your hose assemblies?

500,000 Feet of Hose Assembly Last Year. Not One Inch of Compromise.

Hoses and hose assemblies are vital to the profitability of your business. You can rely on Binkelman for advanced technology, know-how and complete stock inventories from leading hose and fitting manufacturers. We have Certified Aeroquip Product Specialists on staff with more than 35 years of combined experience, certified welders and assemblers, and a customer service team equipped with the latest technology available to meet even the most rigid requirements quickly and efficiently. We also have superior kitting, staging and release schedule capabilities. And if by some slim chance we don’t have what you’re looking for, we can fabricate it. All hoses are crimped for safety and adhere to the standards set forth by The Association for Hose and Accessories Distribution trade organization (NAHAD).


An industrial hoses being used in hydraulics.



Binkelman has been in business for over 60 years and we’ve been a ContiTech Authorized Distributor and assembler for over 40 years. With over $1,000,000 in industrial, hydraulic, and metal hose inventories, Binkelman can tackle any hose requirement big or small.

In addition to our in-house experience, we offer:

  • Automatic cutting equipment which cuts our assemblies to 0.1 – 0.3% of specified cut length
  • Insertion marking capabilities to ensure consistent accuracy of fitting attachment to reduce failure rates
  • Lot/Serial tracking capabilities to audit hoses back to the original batch for failure analysis
  • 90% of our hose assemblies ship same or next-day
  • In-house testing capabilities – 50-foot test bench with the ability to test up to four hoses simultaneously, leak testing capabilities on all metal hoses assembled in house.
  • Extensive inventories to ensure on time and just in time delivery
  • Crimping on all assemblies – hydraulic or industrial – to ensure reliable, safe, and repeatable hose assembly.



We have some of the most advanced industry software married with our equipment to accomplish even the most difficult OEM requirements.

  • Single piece or batch cutting capabilities
  • Ensure repeatability, accuracy, and reduce error rates by proper assembly setup in software tool – ACCURATE AND REPEATABLE
  • Quick setup and fast turnaround
  • Custom labeling capabilities for OEM lay lines via Inkjet printing capabilities
  • Over $400,000 in new hose assembly equipment to serve OEM’s and lower fabrication and assembly costs
  • Up to 8″ crimping capabilities for both industrial and hydraulic hose assemblies
  • Online hose tracking capabilities for those tough auditing needs.


Quality and Service

  • Over 11,000 units shipped per year for a large paint OEM for last 5 years with .07% return rate
  • Over 150,000 feet of hose shipped for automotive OEM in 2011 with 98% on time
  • Kitting, staging, and release schedule capability
  • Wet cutting process to ensure clean square cuts
  • Custom tagging capabilities
  • Manufacturers represented
    • Eaton
    • ContiTech Engineered Products – Veyence
    • Campbell Fittings
    • Penflex Metal Hose
    • Dixon Fittings



  • Have serviced three major refineries for all of their hose needs for over 12 years and adhere to the most rigorous safety standards in the industry
  • All hoses are crimped for safety and adhere to the standards set forth by The Association for Hose and Accessories Distribution trade organization (NAHAD)
  • A NAHAD Listed Company
  • A ContiTech Engineered STAR Distributor – annually audited by UL and exceed the standards set forth by ContiTech and RMA (Rubber Manufacturers Association) for safe and proper hose assembly
  • Audited annually by Aeroquip to maintain our Premier Select status and ensure all equipment is calibrated
  • Log monthly crimp specs for accuracy in all of our machine settings